Day 28

Hands down her favorite toy right now. A Christmas present from mommy and daddy. So glad we got her this one......provides hours and hours of entertainment. She just sits or kneels on it and hits the buttons with her bum and knees and thinks she is hilarious.

Day 27

Apparently Hadley is too tall to have a mobile over her crib now because when I went and got her from her nap, this was the state of the poor little birdies on her mobile. De-winged.

Day 26

INTENTLY watching her birthday slideshow that I made. This girl loves seeing pictures of herself. And pictures of herself along with music........a recipe for a distracted Hadley. We just played it over and over again in a loop and she was occupied for quite a while! haha

Day 25

Starting early with the phone talking. Loves it.

Day 24

Helping mommy clean. As soon as I start cleaning she has to have her own cloth so she can clean too! Too cute.

Day 23

Reno's, reno's reno's around here. Can't wait to be done developing our basement!

Day 22

Best buddies.